The Department of Hispanic Studies strongly encourages students (Spanish majors as well as non-majors) to participate in the Education Abroad Program (EAP). The EAP provides students with an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in the languages and cultures of the Hispanic world while earning units toward graduation. Study abroad is often a life-changing experience for students: it allows them to navigate a culture other than their own, it improves their language skills, and it often becomes a critical enhancement for students seeking employment or applying to graduate and professional schools. We urge students to discuss with us the many opportunities for education abroad. We can help you plan your stay in Spain or Latin America, assist you in course selection, and discuss with you what country and programs might be best suited to your interests.

Contact Person for Education Abroad Programs in Hispanic Studies:

David Herzberger
Telephone: 951-827-1476

Link to the Education Abroad Office:
Contact UCR’s Education Abroad Program and Opportunities Abroad Program at (951) 827-2508