Graduate Studies

Association of Graduate Students in Hispanic Studies (AGSHS)



As graduate students in the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of California, Riverside, we recognize the need to form a cohesive association to address issues related to graduate students and to continue the growth and development of our department. We believe that all students have the right to participate in decisions that affect the conditions and quality of their education. This participation requires meaningful, active, and respectful discourse among students, as well as positive and productive interaction between students and faculty. As decisions reached by both students and faculty impact the nature of the learning environment, it is the intention of the Graduate Students of the Hispanic Studies Department at UCR to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of all persons involved in the learning environment are not abridged. The name of this organization shall be Association of Graduate Students in Hispanic Studies, hereafter referred to as the AGSHS, as it will appear throughout the constitution.


President: Jose Jarquin

Vice President: Paula Cucurella

Secretary: Martina Visconti