Students who pursue a major in Spanish have a wide range of options, both in the courses that they take and in job opportunities after graduation. As an integral part of the University’s liberal arts and humanities program, our departmental curriculum prepares students to think critically, to articulate their ideas intelligently both orally and in writing, and to learn how to perceive and understand the world from a variety of perspectives. More specifically, our major in Spanish is designed for students to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the language and cultures of the Hispanic world and to enhance linguistic proficiency for both heritage and non-heritage speakers. In brief, we prepare students who wish to pursue advanced study in Spanish at the graduate level or who wish to seek employment with their Bachelor’s degree.

The teaching and research interests of our faculty cover the broad and dynamic range of Hispanic and Lusophone contributions to world literature and culture. From the writings of Cervantes and García Lorca in Spain to those of Sor Juana Inés and García Márquez in Spanish America; from film and indigenous video to poetry and theater, we explore the intersections among literature, history, and culture in the Hispanic world and beyond.

Cultural and intellectual diversity forms the cornerstone of our Department at all levels of the curriculum, which in turn prepares our students for future career opportunities in education, business, social and health services, law, diplomacy, and publishing, to name only a few.