Vonnie Tessier
Vonnie TessierFinancial and Administrative Officer
(951) 827-1521
Office: HMNSS 2406
Seabrook Mendoza
Seabrook MendozaGraduate Affairs Officer
(951) 827-1522
Office: HMNSS 2405
Andrew Alonso
Andrew AlonsoAccounting Assistant/Event Manager
(951) 827-1423
Office: HMNSS 2401
Aaron Jurkiewicz
Aaron JurkiewiczSpanish Language Placement Test Coordinator
(951) 827-2148
Office: HMNSS 2416

See the following staff for information/questions:

aaron.jurkiewicz@ucr.edu (HMNSS 2416) for help with foreign language placement and testing.

seabrook.mendoza@ucr.edu (HMNSS 2405) for questions about graduate admissions, general graduate inquiries, or general department information.

suzy.sharweed@ucr.edu (HMNSS 2417) gerardo.sanchez@ucr.edu (HMNSS 1604) and for major advising and foreign language enrollment.

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