Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: HMNSS 2419


  • Ph.D. New York University (2017)
  • Certificate in Creative Writing, New York University (2015)
  • B.A. Universidad de Buenos Aires (2010)


Rocío Pichon-Rivière received her Ph.D. from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures at New York University and a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Buenos Aires. Her forthcoming book La piel de la política: Observaciones transfeministas sobre la diferencia [The Skin of Politics: Transfeminist Notes on Difference] studies the intellectual history of Latin American femme authors (trans and non-trans women) who wrote about the skin as a metaphor to theorize the ethics of interpersonal relations in everyday life. The concept of skin, at once a boundary and an organ of knowledge and desire, served to define a gendered, racialized, emphatically erotic, and vulnerable political subject in a time when hegemonic Latin American political theories reduced social differences to class struggle. This book historicizes the works of thinkers such as Marlene Wayar, Tununa Mercado, Clarice Lispector, Domitila Barrios, Sylvia Molloy, and Victoria Santa Cruz. As part of this project, she directed a documentary film currently in postproduction to foreground the spoken thought of transgender artists and writers living in Buenos Aires. She is currently working on another book on Latin American and Latinx comics and other visual narratives on war and power. Her interests include Latin American and Latinx cultural studies; queer and critical race theory; feminist philosophy; hemispheric and transatlantic intellectual history; performance studies; and visual narratives, including film, colonial codices, and comics.