Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Harvard (2015)
  • M.A. University of Washington (2008)
  • B.A. Universidad de Almería (2005)


Carlos Varón González received his Ph.D. in Spanish Literature and Culture at Harvard (2015) and lectured on modern and contemporary Spanish literature, film, and popular culture (soccer, music, videogames) at Trinity College and New York University before joining the Hispanic Studies department at UC Riverside. He has published essays on post-foundational political theory and poetry in Spanish and Latin American culture on José Martí, Rubén Darío, María Zambrano, José Ángel Valente, or Giovanni Quessep. He co-edited Shining Signs of the Day: Senses and Spaces in Transatlantic Studies (Biblioteca Franklin-Universidad Alcalá de Henares, forthcoming) and was the managing editor of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies from 2016 to 2018. His book manuscript, on the idea of poetry in post-totalitarian culture, is entitled Malos tiempos para la lírica: poesía y cancelación del espacio público. His new project, exploring emotions as the conditions of possibility of different socio-political scenarios (nationalism, exile, populism, terrorism) is tentatively entitled “I Feel Your Pain: The Political Mobilization of Affect.”