The Department of Hispanic Studies offers the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Spanish.

The graduate program in Spanish prepares scholars for university teaching and research in Spanish and Latin American literature, linguistics, and/or cultural studies. It is organized primarily for students seeking the Ph.D. degree, although the M.A. degree is awarded in the course of a student’s progress. A small number of students are admitted who intend to complete the M.A. only as advanced study for teaching in high schools or community colleges.

The faculty in Hispanic Studies offers a wide and diverse group of graduate courses in literary, linguistic and cultural studies. Research and teaching interests include all areas of Spanish and Latin American literature  from its origins to the present. Faculty also have strong research and teaching profiles in the philosophy and practices of translation; cultural studies, including Latin American film, gender studies, theories of the body, historiography and fiction; psychoanalysis; bilingualism and heritage language studies;  Spanish in the US; sociolinguistics; and political philosophy.