B.S. in Spanish, Missouri State University, 2010.

M.A. in Spanish, St. Louis University – Madrid Campus (Spain), 2014.

Certificate: Teaching Methodology for English in Foreign Language Classrooms, Universidad Pontificias Comillas (Spain), 2014.


Raelynne Hale is a graduate student in the Hispanic Studies department; her current interests are the evolution of literature and cinema during and after the Franco Regime in Spain, cross-cultural linguistic studies evaluating the impact of cultural differences and beliefs on language systems, and gender and sexuality expressed in 20th century Spanish theater. In addition to these academic interests, Raelynne enjoys teaching, exploring, and evaluating different teaching styles within foreign language instruction.

Raelynne is also currently a content editor for the literary magazine The Invisible Bear at Duke University. As well as being a content editor, she is the founder and administrator of Modernday PenPal, an online Epal Exchange Program with high schools in Madrid and Minnesota, and is working on creative writing projects of her own.